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The Purple Penguins of Happiness
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The Creed

The Purple Penguin Creed


  1. Happiness leads to calm and peace.
  2. Happiness can be achieved by eating things that are gooey without guilt.
  3. Happiness can also be achieved by making people around you happy by sharing gooey things and being cheerful and pleasant at people.
  4. Happiness can also be achieved by watching Penguins walk.
  5. If we all try to make each other happy by being cheerful and nice to each other then the world would be a little nicer place.
  6. Cheerful does not mean having to put up with Stupid people who are Rude and Ignorant.  These people can be ignored, and the Purple Penguins strongly believe in standing up for yourself and telling people to leave you the fuck alone.   Happiness starts from within.  You can not make others happy if you are not happy.   So enjoy your chocolate and that cheesy video you like and tell anyone who disagrees with you to Fuck Off.


Those who follow the Purple Penguin Code receive the bounty of the Purple Penguins and those who live it every day will someday receive a Mystical Orange Hat of Spiffiness which reigns glory and joy on its wearer.
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