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The Way

The Way of the Purple Penguin

The Purple Penguins of Happiness are the Guardians of the Universe and desire only that everyone be happy, enjoy gooey sweets and that they revel in spiffiness.

They seek only to help the sad, the weak and hopeless.  They can also beat the crap out of the bluebird of happiness.

The Purple Penguins live on a mystical island where the wise leaders guide them by use of the Mystical Hat of Orange Spiffiness, of which some humans have been granted the use of to better spread the Purple Penguin creed.

Purple Penguin Day is the first of July where all followers of the way must eat gooey things that are yummy and spread joy by their words and actions.  Often saying the phrase “Purple Penguins” is enough to accomplish this.  However the Purple Penguins expect those who follow their way to take this to heart and to eat the gooey yummy things and to spread joy on a small basis everyday.  Purple Penguin day simply being the day which is devoted for the sharing of joy on a more massive scale, spreading a lot of joy rather then just a little bit.

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